The Journal of Personalization Research



Ten Year Anniversary Issue (Alfred Kobsa, ed.)

In this issue, UMUAI editorial board members (together with co-authors of their choice) present their views on the progress in the field of user modeling and user-adapted interaction over the past ten years, on results that have been achieved, on expectations that have or have not been fulfilled, on failures that have occurred, and on goals that may be achieved in the years to come.

The contributions to UMUAI's ten year anniversary issue are being made available free of charge courtsy of the publisher.


Alfred Kobsa: Preface
Sandra Carberry: Techniques for Plan Recognition
Judy Kay: Learner Control
David Chin: Empirical Evaluations of User Models and User-Adapted Systems
Ingrid Zukerman and Diane Litman: Natural Language Processing and User Modeling: Synergies and Limitations
Alfred Kobsa: Generic User Modeling Systems
Gerhard Fischer: User Modeling in HCI
Peter Brusilovsky: Adaptive Hypermedia
Geoffrey I. Webb, Michael J. Pazzani, Daniel Billsus: Machine Learning for User Modeling
Constantine Stephanidis: Adaptive Techniques for Universal Access
Ingrid Zukerman, David W. Albrecht: Predictive Statistical Models for User Modeling

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